As Outreach Tulane rapidly approaches the exec board is taking the time to stop and reflect on the question “Why do we serve?” Here’s one response to that question (look forward to more posts soon with answers from the rest of the board!)

Maybe the response “we serve because we ought” is along the right path.  I would contend that indeed it is; however, this answer lacks total correctness. We serve because we are made to do so. Formed by our Creator and crafted in divine image by serving others we serve life and creation itself.
        In the words of the eminent English poet John Donne, “No man is an island”. We do not live in an isolated state of creation; we are none of us the sole beings of creation. As such, we cannot live in away that places us above one another – all of our actions have consequences, both seen and unseen. We are all connected on the most fundamental of levels. The last illusion is that any of us are separate.


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