Be a Part of Something Instrumental

Merging the heart and soul of New Orleans music with community outreach.

Outreach Tulane is now in its 26th year and is expected to be bigger than ever. As Tulane University’s largest and oldest community service event, we like to set the bar for all of Tulane’s wonderful opportunities to get involved with giving back. We host over 1,000 volunteers throughout the greater New Orleans area to give students a chance to get to know the place we call home. Being such a large community, we have the ability to impact New Orleans in a positive way like no other.

This year Outreach Tulane ties together New Orleans deep roots in Jazz music with the impressive work of community service. Living in New Orleans has many benefits but that doesn’t come with a little hard work. Participants of Outreach Tulane are able to explore the city of New Orleans in a new light. At each site they are able to see what this city is truly built on. With that said, “Be a Part of Something Instrumental” and make New Orleans better than ever.

There are countless reasons to join in on the fun. Among them are:

  • Meet new people. It’s a fantastic way to make a bunch of new friends, and/or reconnect with old ones.
  • Discover New Orleans. Tulane is a great place to go to school in large part because of the unique city that surrounds it. There is no place like New Orleans! Outreach is a perfect chance to explore the city, get to know the local people, and discover cool spots to visit.
  • Explore public service opportunities. Whether it’s for a service-learning class or simply because you want to give back – you will get involved in public service- it is part of the Tulane Experience. Outreach is your first taste of experiences to come. Whether it is beautifying schools and neighborhoods, tutoring school children, building homes, landscaping, serving the elderly, feeding the homeless, or being “green”, there is something for everyone.
  • Get involved. If you are interested in starting or leading a community service event this is a must-have experience!

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